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We shoulder your technology woes and keep your business running without the conflicts of interest that plague our industry.

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Koala Networks

Your Business Deserves A Partner, Not Just Another Vendor

Koala Networks is a contract and consulting IT services company. We are a scalable solution to your company’s IT support and IT infrastructure needs. We are not an “if the shoe fits” solution, but a “build a shoe that fits” solution. Whether your company is planning for growth or experiences decline, you will always have a budget-tailored, dynamic solution to solving all of your technology problems. 

100% local support team.  You'll never get an overseas support technician trying their best to understand you.

We never resell hardware, software, or other vendors services at a steep markup for cheap profit.

We meet our clients where they are, educating them on what's currently available and what's possible.

We build long-term roadmaps towards real sustainable success alongside your technology.

Managed IT Partner Support You Can Trust

Areas of

Microsoft 365 Administration

MacOS Environments

Network Security

Hybrid Office Deployment

Equipment Sourcing

Hardware Deployment

Workstation Leasing

IT Project Management

Email Migration

Virtual CIO

Vendor Management

What Clients Say About Us

Koala Networks gave my company a truly professional experience. They assisted with getting our company to the next level. We are a disaster recovery/construction company that outgrew our previous system relatively quick. Matt and Adam communicated throughout the entire process and made sure to designate time to each member of our team for training.

During the process, Koala encountered a roadblock that was not their doing nor in their control. However, they were diligent on getting the issue solved with the vendor that we purchased our software from. They did not let anything deter them. They showed that they understood timing and our quick need to get our network up and running. They didn’t stop until the job was done.

Anyone needing any sort of tech services should choose Koala Networks. Highly recommended from the entire team!!!

Brian B.

Covington, LA

My company was in the dark ages technology wise and needed to get with the times. Literally, everything needed attention from our office 365 accounts to our company software to our phone system. We opted to work with Koala Networks and have made significant progress.


Overhauling an entire neglected digital infrastructure at a business comes with its hardships and it’s hardly ever smooth sailing, but KN has been there every step of the way, walked through each issue until it was resolved, and never left us hanging. Here we are, a month later, and we are in a far better place than we could have ever imagined.


None of this would have been possible if this team were not as attentive, prompt, and knowledgeable in their field as they proved to be through our adventure. Rates are very reasonable and you feel more like you’ve gained a partnership rather than simply hiring a vendor to provide a service. Look no further, you’ve found what you are looking for in KN!

Ally W.

Longmont, CO

I own a small environmental company and met Matt through our local chamber of commerce about 2 years ago when my companies work loads were increasing.


All of my employees work from home and it became apparent we needed to upgrade our online file sharing. Koala networks helped me without hesitation to set up a share point server, consolidate Microsoft accounts, upgrade our security, and select and set up additional computers. They made it easy by taking the worry off my hands (and fixed a few things for me along the way!) Koala is available on short notice and always treats my small company as a priority! On recent projects they were able to work with our partner companies' IT personnel to help them set up shared drives for common projects.


Koala has done an excellent job meeting my small business needs.

Kay P.

Longmont, CO

The guys at Koala are great. Prompt, flexible and willing to help. I have a decent amount of knowledge of how IT and networks work but was up against a problem that 10+ hours of troubleshooting could not fix. They were on time, provided exacting service and solved my network problem faster that I care to admit.

I will definately use them next time I’m up against it and will definately recommend their services in the future.

Thanks Matt!

William D.

Loveland, CO

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