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Hardware Remediation

Does Hardware Last Forever?

I think we all know the answer to this.  No, no hardware lasts forever, but having the expertise to know when the appropriate time to upgrade or replace is will not only keep your IT budget under control, but it will keep your employees happier.  There are questions you need to know answers to before you toss a piece of equipment out. 

Is the problem temporary, due to an update somewhere in the environment? 

Is the problem due to a configuration or a software related issue? 

Can a different application accomplish the malfunctioning task? 

For workstations, can yearly or biannual hard drive reformats extend the lifetime of a device? How do we plan for this? 


There's a lot to know, and people who don't do this day in and day out may just throw their printer in the garbage the first time it stops printing.  And when it comes time to actually upgrade or replace, we know which brands have frequent problems (looking at you, HP) and which give our clients the least amount of heartache.

When working with Koala Networks, you have a partner who will help you source the best equipment your budget can cover.  As it stands today, the market is wildly volatile with many hardware sellers praying on the average consumer's depth of hardware knowledge, or lack thereof.  While most people understand what things like RAM or hard drive means on a basic level, small details will have a considerable impact on the lifespan of two identically priced employee workstations.  Additionally, we have the experience to source equipment appropriate for the individual need.  Because we do not resell equipment, we are always comfortable recommending equipment that is appropriately powerful regardless of the price.

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