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IT Projects

Have big dreams for your business's technology?  Enlist the help of our team of experts.


What Does Project Management Mean to Koala Networks?

We started out company with the dream of doing things differently.  We saw that the industry was unhealthy; that MSP contracts often only favored one party (the servicer); that clients started to become jaded and confused over what this relationship should look like.  So, we wrote down our values and started sharing them with business owners, and we found that our goals almost always aligned with theirs.




Everything we do starts with with transparency.  When we deliver an initial proposal, we are extremely clear on the costs associated with work and we provide you with links to the product pages.  When it comes time to order, you will always know the actual cost of the hardware, software or service we are implementing because you actually purchase it--we refuse to resell anything.  Included in that proposal is an estimate of labor as well.

Our second goal when working with clients is doing things fairly.  Any work we do, we want it to be equitable to both the client and to our company, and the best way to do that is to bill by the hour and work really fast!  When quoting a project, our time estimates are just that: estimates.  If it takes less time to complete a project, you don't still get billed for the full initial estimate.  To us, that's fair.

Lastly, we try to remain flexible.  Once we "break ground" and the client starts to see the project unfold, new design ideas often come to their mind.  They often want more, but sometimes they want less.  We work with them to get new product ordered as quickly as possible or unneeded product sent back within the return windows.  As advocates of your business, we are actively mindful of your bottom line.


Koala Networks will provide you with a fully documented, written proposal with clear timelines and costs of the full in-scope project.  You should never be caught off guard.


Once in your hands, we can determine whether to go up or down on the various implementations or forward with the current iteration.


Based on our agreed upon plan, we implement the project.  Change orders are never an issue and happen frequently.  Koala Networks can work flexibly!


Once finished, we walk you through the new setup.  If you have any further requests or want individual parts changed, we are always happy to accommodate. Once satisfactory, we close out the project and continue with regular IT service!

Project Capabilities

Koala Networks completes a large number of IT projects each quarter and has the expertise and systems in place to competently and punctually implement any new piece of technology infrastructure your business needs.  When obtaining bids from other MSPs, trust your gut if the number feels too high and call us.  We can let you know what it really takes.

Email Migrations

Data Migrations

Network Deployments

Workstation Deployments

Cloud Implementations

Data Backups

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