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Network Security

Basic Network Security Is Simple and Everyone Should be Doing It!

Cybersecurity is a field with endless amounts of information to know.  That's because modern warfare is done digitally.  With that being said, protecting your small business doesn't require a staff of cybersecurity experts. 


Like anything, the basics go a long way and can do a lot of the heavy lifting.  But just because something is simple doesn't mean it's easy to implement if it's not your area of expertise. Many businesses do not use a firewall, do not change their default passwords on equipment, do not configure their guest networks to protect them, and worst of all-they write their passwords down on sticky notes and attach them to their devices!  That's like locking your front door and hanging the key on the doorknob!! In the event of a breach of security or theft of equipment, how does this same business owner protect their data?  In short, they almost certainly don't. They are at the whim of the bad guy.

Working with Koala Networks not only gives you a team who shares in the legal liability of your data, but who has the tools to rectify simple (and advanced) security holes and can always provide clear documentation on all of this. As a business owner, you likely don't need something else to distract you in the back of your mind.  Let Koala Networks set up your business defenses and maintain them so that you can worry about more important things... like making money!

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