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Remote Help Desk

Timing is Everything

As we all know, printers only ever break when you're about to print out a contract for your biggest prospective client ever to sign, and they do it for seemingly (sometimes actually) no reason at all.  Having the ability for your IT team to remotely access your computer and network, troubleshoot, and likely even fix your printer connectivity could be the difference between finalizing your sale that day and your partners reminding you how "time kills deals". 


When working with Koala Networks, we ensure a 15 minute initial response time to any help request submitted through our ticketing system during normal business hours. Generally, over 80% of tickets can be resolved the day of submission remotely.  For ones that can't, the conversation becomes one centered around discovery and/or actionables.  This is the biggest perk of an ad-hoc relationship: we are incentivized and highly motivated to solve your problems sooner rather than later.

We understand that not all business functions stop at 5 PM on Fridays.  As a matter of fact, it's necessary for some of your most critical business functions to have a 24/7 uptime.  As a result, the Koala Networks Help Desk must necessarily have a 24/7 uptime as well.  If an after hours emergency arises, a Koala Networks employee-not a call center employee from India-will be the one to pick up the phone.

How Much Can Be Accomplished Remotely?

As mentioned previously, over 80% of of tickets can be resolved the day of submission remotely.  Utilizing the ConnectWise Platform, we can reset device passwords, add or change user privileges, send PowerShell or Terminal commands, Reboot, and even software lock a device when necessary.  We can troubleshoot all connected peripheral drivers and configurations, fix local email problems, access the local network, remediate network devices like wifi access points, implement or restore network file shares, and anything other kind of configuration, software, operating system, or remediation that would otherwise require us to be on-site.

Additionally, a significant number of our clients' software platforms are cloud-hosted.  Whether it's an email provider, a hardware controller, a practice management software, or something similar, modern technology is making it so that you can access your work from almost anywhere you have internet.  Along with the additional layer of problems this kind of connectivity can offer, you get the added benefit of your IT team being able to administrate all of it remotely.

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