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User Training

Your Business Functions Best When Your Employees Do Too

Your employees are the front line for most of your day-to-day business functions.  If anyone needs to know the ins and outs of a VOIP system or how to use a calendar best, it should be your secretary or executive assistant.  Your project managers and their team should be well versed in email, accessing and managing company files, and creating or editing various types of documents.  Your accountants need to understand how to access company files that they may be the only ones granted privilege to.  Imagine the impression your clients get from the front desk person who struggles when scheduling an appointment.  Your employees can have the nicest tools, but will always underperform if they don't have the training to use them.  When working with Koala Networks, you can leverage our knowledge and expertise to train employees one-on-one, through emailed instructions, or in short, focused group sessions.  Not only do we help you dream big and implement those big operations visions, but we hold your hand through it and provide support any time any individual needs it.

Which Platforms Can We Help You Manage?

We have helped our clients through every life cycle stage of various softwares their businesses use and have gained a lot of experience that often translates well between them all.  Below, you'll find a non-exhaustive list of some of the types of softwares we help clients manage their businesses with daily.

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