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Network Administration

Maintenance Is The Key To Longevity

Proper maintenance of your equipment could be the difference between a 3 year lifespan and a 5 year lifespan.  It could be the difference between happy, productive employees and regularly frustrated employees who's "printers break every single day!".  That's a real quote!  Simple maintenance of your systems can even prevent a majority of ransomware attacks that prey on un-updated devices or unsecure user accounts.

Keeping your equipment well maintained and up-to-date is a continuous process, and doing so manually can be extremely time-consuming. Most businesses are busy enough focusing on the things that make them money-even an extremely tech savvy owner or manager has a job to do.  Koala Networks not only has the expertise to maintain equipment until end-of-life, but we own and employ tools to automate, remotely access, and implement maintenance tasks quickly.

What Kind of Maintenance Tasks Are There?

The most important one is updates-namely, operating system updates.  But all updates are important.  Recently, a vulnerability in the Log4J function of Java (something 85% of computers have installed) was weaponized by ransomware organizations, allowing anyone simply messaging you to inject code at a system level from anywhere in the world.  This exploit is considered astronomically worse than the SolarWinds attack. The catch: the fix was not ignoring the update installation prompt.  Simply upgrading to the newest patch protects from this vulnerability, and yet entire companies' data was encrypted. Even multiple government organizations fell prey.

The second most important maintenance task is data maintenance.  Ensuring you have proper backups implemented and operating on a schedule is what gives you the high ground in the unfortunate event of a security breach or hack.   Additionally, keeping archives of your important data is something that becomes increasingly more important (and more challenging) the more data you have that needs safeguarding. There are many types of backups and many vendors or hardware that can handle it.  Knowing which are necessary for your business can be difficult, but vital you get right.

While these are the two cardinal maintenance items in any organization, the full list is much longer depending on your network.  Call Koala Networks so that you can do your job and we can worry about your data, hardware, and network.

  • What SLA Does Koala Networks Offer?
    We have a 15-minute initial response time guaranteed with a best-efforts SLA after that. Emergency events are handled on a case-by-case basis, and with a 15-minute initial response time plans for remediation begin formulating immediately.
  • What Contract Terms Does Koala Networks Offer?
    Each client is signed on a 30 day auto-renewing contract and you can cancel any time with have no penalties. We try to make it easy for our clients to leave us-they just never do!
  • I have a full MacOS environment. Can Koala Networks service me?
    Unfortunately, at this time we will not be taking on any new MacOS environments. If your environment is mostly Windows, we can accommodate MacOS devices but due to the stringent restrictions MacOS puts on device management, it is not feasible for us to take on clients with those primary devices.
  • Focus on Security
    We have a strenuous minimum security standard that our clients must abide by. While the onramp to this standard can seem daunting, it's not without reason-Koala Networks shares in the liability of the data on your network and we are incredibly invested in keeping your data secure.
  • 24/7 Network Analytics and Alerting
    Our remote monitoring system allows us to have a constant pulse on everything happening in your network. That includes what devices enter and leave our network, outages, downtime, and realtime health reports of our work devices.
  • Emergency On-Sites
    Most of our clients request that we carry a key to their office in the event that critical network equipment goes down. In the event that our system detects an outage and alerts us, we notify you the client and begin organizing a plan for remediation so that the work day is unimpacted. Ultimately, our goal is to keep our clients making money.
  • Training-and Learning-is an Ongoing Session.
    The initial training session(s) for any kickoff or go-live will never be the sole piece of information to empower 100% of your employees to do their job perfectly. Our company is accessible 10 hours a day, 5 days a week to ask questions any time they need help.
  • Which Format is Best for User Training?
    Ultimately, it depends on the size of the company and the best way your employees learn. Sometimes email guides work best, sometimes in-person group training sessions are best, and often virtual group sessions with a screen share can provide the best benefit. We have documentation as well as expertise to get your employees trained both in group and one-on-one environments.
  • Remote Access (for Help Desk)
    80% of all tickets can be solved through our remote help desk within day of submission. In the event they can't be, vendor contact, follow-up remote support, or on-site service is scheduled.
  • Remote Access (For Hybrid Workforces)
    Not only can we support you remotely with our RMM tool, but we can lend this access to your employees so they can access their work devices from any web browser. This can bypass the need for a VPN or other similar paid service.
  • Numerous Ways to Request Help
    There are a number of ways to request remote support through our system. You can submit an email to our ticketing system, initiate a chat session, call our support line, fill out a ticket form through our RMM, and generate a ticket through either of our online portals. We aim to be highly accessible!
  • Taking Advantage of Your Warranty
    Most devices and device components have at the minimum a 1 year warranty through the manufacturer. Some components like certain RAM from Crucial even has up to a 10 year or lifetime warranty. However, your business's primary function likely isn't checking component level warranties on your computers. Let Koala Networks do that leg work and save you money.
  • Upgrades in Stages: Spare Your Cash Flow
    A slow computer often doesn't need to be immediately replaced. If proper purchasing is being exercised, we can breathe entirely new life into otherwise sluggish user devices with simple upgrades like RAM or hard drives and these upgrades often cost less than 1/10th of the cost of a new device.
  • Will Koala Networks Repair Chip Level Components?
    Koala Networks does not operate a computer repair shop. While we can do component swaps like replacing a failing hard drive with a new one, we will not repair boards. Anything that requires a specialized repair will need to be either sent back to the manufacturer or brought to a computer repair shop.
  • MacOS Product Upgrades
    Unfortunately, due to the manufacturing decisions of Apple, their products can not be opened without high specialized equipment and Koala Networks is unable to do normal major component replacements on them. That being said, we are able to help MacOS shops set up their Apple Business Managers as well as get their devices enrolled in Apple Business Essentials, which will take care of all warranty work.
  • How Challenging is it to Attain a Basic Level of Security?
    Fortunately, technology is evolving as quickly as criminals do. We provide endpoint security for your managed work devices, and if your business operates on major platforms like Microsoft, layers of security are baked in such as email filtering. Additionally, implementing practices like MFA, single sign-on, and password complexity requirements can prevent would-be attackers from gaining access--even with cracked user credentials.
  • How Serious is Cybersecurity in 2022?
    We take the 24/7 nonstop global assault very seriously. As a matter of fact, we have minimum security standards and give new clients a 3 month onramp to meeting those standards before terminating service. As previously mentioned, we share in the liability of clients' data and are required to secure a client's network.
  • One of the Best Forms of Security is Having a Backup Plan
    When we say backup plan, we mean literally having multiple forms of backups. Let's say worst case scenario happens and all company data is encrypted. How do we quickly get all systems back online, lossless, and in the quickest manner? Having good backups that are regularly tested is one of the best ways to remediate a successful cyber attack.
  • Who's Job Should it Be to Change Passwords?
    If you don't have an internal IT team, who do you task with the daily 5 minute interruptions of things like account updates, permissions levels, temporary passwords, admin access, or any other small request a user has to get access to or change their user configuration in a work managed software?
  • Hiring? Firing? We Got You...
    How do you set up your newest hire for success right out of the gates? How you minimize a recently fired employees access to company files as they're let go? Let Koala Networks handle the logistics for you. We can highly minimize what a disgruntled employee can do fully remotely.
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