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Hardware Maintenance

Maintenance Is The Key To Longevity

Proper maintenance of your equipment could be the difference between a 3 year lifespan and a 5 year lifespan.  It could be the difference between happy, productive employees and regularly frustrated employees who's "printers break every single day!".  That's a real quote!  Simple maintenance of your systems can even prevent a majority of ransomware attacks that prey on un-updated devices or unsecure user accounts.

Keeping your equipment well maintained and up-to-date is a continuous process, and doing so manually can be extremely time-consuming. Most businesses are busy enough focusing on the things that make them money-even an extremely tech savvy owner or manager has a job to do.  Koala Networks not only has the expertise to maintain equipment until end-of-life, but we own and employ tools to automate, remotely access, and implement maintenance tasks quickly.

What Kind of Maintenance Tasks Are There?

The most important one is updates-namely, operating system updates.  But all updates are important.  Recently, a vulnerability in the Log4J function of Java (something 85% of computers have installed) was weaponized by ransomware organizations, allowing anyone simply messaging you to inject code at a system level from anywhere in the world.  This exploit is considered astronomically worse than the SolarWinds attack. The catch: the fix was not ignoring the update installation prompt.  Simply upgrading to the newest patch protects from this vulnerability, and yet entire companies' data was encrypted. Even multiple government organizations fell prey.

The second most important maintenance task is data maintenance.  Ensuring you have proper backups implemented and operating on a schedule is what gives you the high ground in the unfortunate event of a security breach or hack.   Additionally, keeping archives of your important data is something that becomes increasingly more important (and more challenging) the more data you have that needs safeguarding. There are many types of backups and many vendors or hardware that can handle it.  Knowing which are necessary for your business can be difficult, but vital you get right.

While these are the two cardinal maintenance items in any organization, the full list is much longer depending on your network.  Call Koala Networks so that you can do your job and we can worry about your data, hardware, and network.

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