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Network Administration

What is Network Administration?  Why Does it Matter?

Generally, "Network Administrator" is a blanket title for most business IT functions.  They are responsible for:


Safety and Upkeep of Your Network

Implementation of All New IT Infrastructure Projects

Setup and Support of All New and Current Users from a Hardware, Software, and Connectivity

Management and Protection of Your Business and Client Data

Maintenance of Technology Compliance and Reduced Liability

Technical Documentation of All of the Previously Described


The job has significantly larger breadth than it does depth, which is why we believe it can be so daunting to the average or even above-average business owner or end user.

It's terribly common for us to meet with a prospective client and hear a laundry list of IT problems they've "learned to live with".  This even applies when they have an existing IT provider!  It never should be that way.  When performing at a high level, a good network administrator removes almost all technology impediments from your employees' ability to be productive-and they do it quickly.

When working with a TSP (technology services provider) like Koala Networks, we have the ability to deliver the same function a network administrator does, but in a prorated ("ad-hoc") way.  There will be months where-if we are doing our job well-you have little-to-no IT needs.  With Koala Networks, your bill will always reflect those months of low utilization because of our core beliefs around service.  We believe you should receive service when you pay for it. This is why we opt to bill by the hour rather than locking you into expensive monthly contracts where you pay regardless of your IT Provider's motivation to deliver support in a reasonable time-frame.

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