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User Management

Simplify Your Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

The logistics of hiring someone can be overwhelming.  Whether it's an office manager, an HR administrator or team, or even firm doing your HR, you likely have a dedicated administrative person handling the legal responsibilities of hiring. However, when integrating new hires into your digital systems and your physical office space, the process is often more 'fluid'. The solution is simple; you should delegate those often overlooked responsibilities for your new hire's day one success. The key to success is preparation, and good preparation requires dedicated resources and expertise.


When working with an IT Provider like Koala Networks, your employees will always start their job on the right foot.  We ensure your new hire has:

A New Workstation or One That is Highly Capable and Cleanly Formatted


All Work-Related Software Installed

Cloud Accounts Signed Into


Printers and Other Peripherals Installed

Databases, Network Drives, and Cloud Storages Loaded

On-Demand Support via Koala Networks Help Desk

and Any Other Required Configurations

And of course, people leave companies for various reasons all the time.  When an employee leaves the company, what do you determine which data should be archived and which should be wiped?  How are their inbound emails routed post mortem? How do you handle sanitizing their workstation in preparation for their replacement?  There are a few critically important steps in making sure that an employee leaving the company on good terms has their data protected as well as doing timely prevention and damage control when a disgruntled employee is terminated.

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